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AppHelp.comAs its name implies, App Help is a community that is aimed both at users and developers of mobile applications. The former can ask for help and guidance when it comes to these applications that they have just installed on their mobiles, whereas the latter can offer exactly that.


Besides, App Help doubles as a platform inn which people that have ideas for apps can proceed to discuss them both with other mobile users and with seasoned developers, and start realizing how viable these really are.

As you can expect, the site is actually split into a series of sub-communities – one for each mobile device that is supported. These are all accessible from the main page: “Apple iOS”, “Android”, “Blackberry”, “Windows” and “Nokia”.

It must be pointed out that (for the time being) only the first two communities are operative. Over 280000 apps are supported when it comes to the Apple iOS community, whereas users of Android phones will be able to discuss more than 50000 different applications already. In Their Own Words

“App Help makes it easy for you to get help and tech support for your apps, share ideas and give feedback.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many apps are covered and so many people are already involved that the site can but let mobile users put an end to all their worries.

Some Questions About

When are other mobile devices becoming exactly supported?


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