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The site features software designed by a pharmacist with solutions in mind for real life drug store issues. The site details some of the prominent features of the software package, and explains how it could be beneficial to purchase the package and use it during day to day drug store operations. For example, notes that the application can help pharmacists to fill customer prescriptions, manage a record database, conduct research on pill effects, and communicate with other pharmacies. The software can also help its users construct back up logs of patient medical records, and interface with different governmental regulatory agencies that mandate updates of drug store records. also has a useful list of recommended computer requirements to run their software, and instructions on how to optimize performance once it is installed.


The website also contains many other useful function that can help anyone within the field of pharmaceutical sales and management. On the tab for support, links users to customer service representatives and experts via the internet that can answer a wide variety of important questions. For educators interested in training pharmaceutical skills, this site details a useful tech training manual. This manual covers an array of topics including basic instructions on logging in user names, computing a pricing table, tabulating insurance data and logging in compounds. Another useful feature of is its listing of additional, optional add-on packages that can be added to the original software. One of these listed products is Lexi-comp, which operates as a verified drug interaction checklist. This can prevent the user from distributing different drugs to a patient that might have adverse side-effects when they are taken together.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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