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Anyvan.comAnyvan is as free delivery auction website that matches customers who need to move anything with couriers and delivery services that already travelling in that very same direction


These couriers (delivery professionals who have some spare space they would rather use productively) will compete for the job that you offering and submit their quotes to you. You will then be able to review and weigh each quote up individually, and pick the courier that seems more reputable. Yet, it must be mentioned that all the couriers that will contact you are in fact insured and licensed. Trustworthiness should not be a problem at all.

A service like this is beneficial for just everybody – you are saving both time and money, and the courier is getting some extra cash for delivering something to a place that he was already going to visit in the first place. Besides, the level of C02 emissions is cut down, so if you use this service you will actually be doing something good for the environment. In Their Own Words

“Where couriers compete for your delivery job.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will let you specify what you need moved and then sit back as couriers compete for your attention, and offer you the best prices you could hope for.

Some Questions About

I which sense is this website better than others which provide similar services such as


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