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AnswerLeaks.comA visit to Answer Leaks is something you are going to find productive if you are a programmer. You see, this website is devoted to nothing but technical questions and answers, as featured on websites.


So, if any project that you have to see through has you raving mad, you can head straight to this site and browse through the database of questions that have recently been answered. You simply input a query and see if your luck is in. Only questions that have been answered are going to be displayed. And since elements like sidebars and comments are removed, distractions are sure to be kept to a minimum.

And as it is only suitable, all the content of the site can be browsed by tag. MYSQL, HTML, C, CSS, Ruby-On-Rails…the list is a long one, and I bet you are going to find exactly what you are after.

Currently, only StackOverflow data is displayed on AnswerLeaks. But if all goes according to plan, all sites from StackExchange are going to be added soon. In Their Own Words is a simple version derived from websites. The data is used with permission and proper attribution.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since the site is stripped from all distractions, it is a more -than -appealing alternative to the original websites the information is culled from.

Some Questions About

When are more sites going to be added, exactly?


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