– Alteil Online Adventure Game

The Japanese have long been recognized for their fanatical love of games. Games of tiles and cards are traditionally played by the majority of the population. It is no surprise to see that the Japanese company Gamepot, Inc., launched an online site at that was meant to bring that love to the world. The company was an immediate success, and during their rapid growth, they were able to purchase the So-net Corp. directly from Sony Communications, and expanded their business into the United States. As digital entertainment companies go, Gamepot is one of the largest online. Visitors to are invited to join and play immediately. The games are fully interactive and allow members to participate in a virtual reality that is captivating. As players participate in the game they will have the opportunity to purchase special items and and features that cost “PotCash.” This is the currency of the games.

Members are allowed to join and play for free, but to really enjoy everything that the games have to offer, it is necessary to have some money to use. Money is purchased as virtual currency at, where it can then be added to the players account. The Alteil game is an entirely flash based online game with collectible cards. The game is driven by the story of the four main characters in the world of Alteil. They each have various skills and abilities. As an online virtual card game, it can literally be played on any device with a browser. A typical full game lasts about 20 minutes.

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