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The website is not an accurate domain name; remove the hyphen and is the website you are looking for! A website with delicious and easy to make recipes for any type of food that you can even think of. From desserts, to drinks, to foreign foods, this site has it. This website is excellent, as it ranks the level of recipe that you may choose. If the recipe is difficult, the higher the number next to the title will be. It is extremely important to remember that just because a recipe takes longer does not mean that it is more difficult than a recipe that claims it only takes nine minutes. features a search bar, in the event that individuals have an idea of something they may want to cook for dinner. Typing in a key word will bring up a list of recipes to choose from. Some may state that they are home-made, others may use pre-boxed dinners, and others may use only parts of pre-boxed dinners. On this site, it is hard to tell what some people have come up with. Most of the time, those that they submit, now what they are doing, though!

On, it is entirely possible to have a family calculated listing submitted. It is also possible to find that “family recipe” already submitted! Great-grandmas recipe? Likely, unless great-grandma shared a brain with the rest of the world, the formula was once on the box or bag of some grocery.

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