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AdBacker.comAdBacker is a platform that lets ordinary folks create campaigns that will be funded by people who are just like them. This new site has been specifically built to spread the kind of ideas and messages that its creators see as “always suppressed by corporate media”, so that the people who believe in them have a chance to win public attention, and (once and for all) get the support they need to start making a difference in the real world.


Just glancing at the main tags featured on the site gives you a good idea of the kind of topics that concern its users more. “Freedom of Speech”, “Animal Cruelty”, “Occupy Wall Street”, “Pipa”, “Internet Censorship”… And if you visit the site right now, you’ll see that lots of campaigns are connected with the upcoming presidential elections. Keywords like “President” and “Ron Paul” have great relevance, and if you spend some time on the homepage (where all the latest campaigns are featured) you’ll see a good couple that are politically-oriented.

In order to launch a campaign of your own, all you have to do is to fill a short online form. You aren’t asked to sign up for an account, or anything like that. All you must do is to supply some information like the name of the campaign and include a short description along with any images and banners that you want to be used as part of it. The AdBacker team will then review your campaign, and get in touch with you as soon as possible. In Their Own Words

AdBacker is a platform for crowd-funding online ads. It allows similarly spirited individuals to join together in support of common messages

Some Questions About

Are all kind of campaigns allowed? Or are some topics off-limits?


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