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Acciontrabajo.comFor both recruiters and job seekers, is a one stop shop for job postings. Recruiters can post jobs for free, search the resume database at no cost and even get alerts about new candidates by email. For job seekers, Acciontrabajo helps them search for job vacancies, post their resume for free and receive email alerts about new job postings by email. The website is available both in English and Spanish, and it offers 179 specific country portals for both recruiters and job seekers. In this economy and current times of financial crisis, websites such as become a valuable resource for job seekers.


Acciontrabajo allows job seekers to search for current job openings based on a variety of different variables including job sector, job location, specific keywords, and the job vacancy date. They can also browse all current openings. Some of the job sectors specified on are administration, art, commerce, education, government, human resources, IT, and real estate. When it comes to locations, job seekers can search by specific state or province, distance, or general area. Keyword search functions allow for +/- force/exclude which means to search for hospital nursing jobs in France but not in Belgium, a job seeker would search for ” ‘hospital nurse’ +France -Belgium”.

For recruiters, offers free and paid job postings. For paid postings, there are two levels: Standard and Premium. The Standard Recruiter package in $39.95 for 30 days or $79.95 for 90 days and includes unlimited access to the resume database and postings are displayed above those openings posted for free by other recruiters. The Premium Recruiter Package from is $129.90 for 30 days or $259.90 for 90 days and features automatic posting options from the recruiter’s company website.


Author : Caroline Bright

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