ZingZag.com – Create A Richer Fan Page

ZingZag.comYou can tell the endless tribute pages on Facebook have been created by people who really believe in what they are doing. Yet, from an aesthetical point of view they all are a tad too similar. Not that such a thing lowers their appeal or their sincerity. It is just that once you have seen a couple of, say, U2 or Beatles fan pages then you have already seen them all.

Zing Zag is a new software application that aims to do something about that. Essentially, users of Zing Zag are enabled to come up with pages that have full viral hooks without having to touch a single line of code. Media such as images and videos can be added along with RSS feeds, and at no point are you required to exert yourself to pull it off. On Zing Zag, everything is done using an editor to create the layout that you are after, and then have it all exported into Facebook as a webpage, a flash file or an image.

And once the content is in place, it can be rebroadcast through the whole Social Web in two clicks. Marketing what has been created could hardly be any easier.

ZingZag.com In Their Own Words

Sophisticated FB fan pages.

Why ZingZag.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody unleash the true marketing potential of the Social Web without needing to be a programmer or a designer.

Some Questions About ZingZag.com

What about other social services like MySpace? Are these supported as well? ZingZag.com