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ZeroDayScan.comZeroDayScan is an online security scanner that can be used by webmasters that want to learn how secure their sites are both directly and cost-effectively. That is, having a site analyzed entails little more than providing the URL in question, and the whole process is free from start to finish.


In actuality, you have to provide something else beside the site’s URL – you have to furnish your e-mail address. There is a good reason for that: the results of your scan are not made public. Rather, they are delivered straight to your inbox.

Some of the issues that this service can detect include Cross Site Scripting attacks (XSS) and SQL injection vulnerabilities. When the analysis is carried out, it also performs website fingerprinting and it detects hidden directories and backup files.

When the analysis is over, the results are then put your way in the shape of a PDF report that can be easily printed. The scan results are not saved in the company’s database for privacy reasons, so that the one and only copy of these results that will exist is the one that is sent to you. In Their Own Words

“ZeroDayScan is a revolutionary online web security scanner. It is used by webmasters and security experts to validate security of their websites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site renders for free what is usually a paid service elsewhere. And in the case of ZeroDayScan the service is entirely web-based, too.

Some Questions About

Can you instruct this scanner to look for specific threats only?


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