– A Very Easy Way To Handle Your Tasks is a versatile application that makes the problems associated with the tracking of pending tasks a thing of the past.

This web-based application will take care of reminding you about the date and the time a task is due, when the work that you have done has been accepted, when it has been rejected and when it has been completed

This solution is equally useful for independent workers and for companies. Freelancers can use it in order to ensure nothing runs behind schedule when they are dealing with several assignments at the very same time, whereas organizations will find it an efficient way for sharpening the internal management of their workforces.

Moreover, this application lets anybody manage his spare time, and arrange his leisure activities one by one. In this way, these precious moments that every worker has for resting and relaxing can be truly maximized.

An account can be created at no cost whatsoever, and getting started is very easy. Setting down tasks and reminders is done in an entirely intuitive way, and once you have specified what it is you need to be reminded of you can carry on with you life as always – you will be reminded about the task when the time comes. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to, the simpler and more complete way to handle your tasks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is free, fast and effective – a wining combination.

Some Questions About

Will this service always remain a free one?