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Yast.comIf you ever feel that doing all you want (and need) to do is something that would take an eight-day week, this is the right site for you to drop by. In essence, it will provide you with a tool for tracking time that is very simple to set into motion.


All you have to do once you have (easily) created an account is to use your mouse to set dates in the bar that is provided. You click on the date in which the activity begins, and then drag the pointer to the date in which the activity is meant to be done. There is no need to perform complicated operations of any kind. The idea is to provide users on the whole with a solution which is employable without having to rack their brains, and in that sense Yast delivers.

Yast is an inexpensive app,lication, too – you will not have to dig in your pockets in order to use it regularly. Simply create your account and you are ready to see where it is that time is going. In Their Own Words

“The world’s easiest time tracker!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who want to keep track of upcoming activities will enjoy it because it is incredibly simple.

Some Questions About

Will premium services be eventually offered?


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