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WWhim.comThose of you who are impulsive and who have ever picked a location for a getaway more or less on a whim only to find the place covered by snow when you got there will understand the importance of a site like this one. lets you know what the weather is like at any location you could ever feel like heading to on R & R. This site lets you know when the sun is shining, when it’s raining and when it’s snowing by sending a notification straight to your email address. And it’s also possible to look for good places to spend your time at just by supplying your ZIP code, and selecting the kind of weather you’re after from a drop down menu. You’ll be able to pick the exact temperature that would make you feel comfortable


WWhim can handle both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures, and you can also adjust the mile radius to be searched manually. In each and every case, the resulting data will be displayed on a calendar where you can see the weather forecast for the next three days. And you can tweak with the minimum and maximum temperature, just to get even more accurate results. In Their Own Words

Search worldwide forecasts for your ideal weather!

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What about adding a list with the hottest/coldest cities in America?


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