search cancel – Accurate Weather Information is a new site that offers a very specific service, namely letting you have access to updated weather information for the place that you live in. And that is done in a way that involves little effort on your side, as the site geolocates your position and then it serves up the relevant data.


Alternatively, the site will let you input the name of the city that you want to know more about for a full forecast to be displayed. This means that if you are traveling somewhere soon then you can get to realize whether the umbrella stays, or whether it goes with you along with the corresponding pieces of clothing.

And just to make things easier (or to satisfy the curious ones), the site lists all the most popular cities on the main page. And a point is made to map the whole world, too. If you have nothing better to do, you will be able to learn how the climate stands from pole to pole. In Their Own Words

The quickest way of getting the weather forecast.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides really accurate weather information at a mere click.

Some Questions About

Will a mobile version of the site ever be perfected?


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