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Worksnaps.netEver since Farmville came around, many a bored employee has found an excellent outlet for his lack of interest in the work he is supposed to do. And sometimes it is just not that easy to catch them redhanded.


Enter Worksnaps. It is an application that can used to track the hours that any employee has worked, and for verifying that he has indeed been working, not tending to crops or watching the latest Dancing With The Stars run-ins on YouTube. This is easily done because Worksnaps can take screenshots and have them saved for managers to review later on, and it can also produce a full log detailing the activity of users. Mouse and keyboard activities, applications that have been used… it can all be tracked in a really unequivocal way.

As a result, hiring freelancers and contractors to do on-demand work becomes something far less strenuous. The ambiguities that always make billing a point of contention will be vanished altogether. All the work that has been done will be easily verifiable. In Their Own Words

WorkSnaps is a unique service that tracks the project time of your team with verifiable work evidences. It helps you to improve the visibility and accountability of how time is spent. It is simple, automatic and effective.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let managers know exactly who are working and who are slouching on their teams.

Some Questions About

How does it compare to other services that also let employers track the time spent on projects? Which is more effective?


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