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Wondergraphs.comWondergraphs enables professionals to build striking reports using all the data they have in their hands, in a way that is both fast and comprehensive. Using the provided interface, it is really simple to feed all the relevant data into the application while choosing the exact way the information will be plotted and graphed. Users can have all their data exported both from excel files and Google spreadsheets, and also link to standard databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access.


Once all the data has been provided and the structural aspects of the report have been set down, then the report will be generated in little less than one minute. A link will be produced, and that can not only be mailed and sent by IM to your colleagues but also used to export the report to PowerPoint, and broadcast it in any company meeting.

Two paid plans are available (Professional and Research) along with a free one that is limited to six reports for month. Both paid plans can be tried for free for a full month. In Their Own Words

Wondergraphs strives to be the best way to get and share insights from your data.

Some Questions About

Are there special plans and/or promotions to non-profits? Is it possible for these to use Wondergraphs by paying less, or even absolutely for free?


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