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WhySpam.meAny person who is aware of how things work online feels at least a bit irked when he is asked for his email in order to sign up for some site that is not that well-established to be trusted blindly. And frustrating as it might be, there are even “reputable” sites out there that are not that respectable, and disclosing your email address could lead to a nasty surprise afterwards.


Curve balls such as that one are sadly not that uncommon nowadays.

You might wonder if there is a course of action other than having to create a trillion “fake” email addresses in order to keep your “true” one out of harm’s way. The answer is an affirmative one, and sites like Why Spam Me are available in order to keep everything safe in an uncomplicated way indeed

This site will let you have a disposable email address generated and used for free. All it takes for you to get going is to submit your “true” address (it will be kept private) and the address of the site that you want to mail. A temporary address will there and then be created for you to put to good use, and stop getting the willies every time you have to disclose information that could lead to nothing but a caterwaul of spam. In Their Own Words

“Hide your Email & Expose Spammers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes fighting something as annoying as spam a less strenuous task.

Some Questions About

How does this site compare to others that provide similar services?


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