Whimventory.com – Build A Wishlist

Whimventory.comIntroduced as “the universal wishlist”, Whimventory enables people to create and share wishlists for all his favorite online retailers. This is done for free – all that must be provided for a Whimventory account to be created is a working email address. Supplying that (and installing the provided bookmarklet) will make a Whimventory user out of anybody. He will be able to start adding products to his wishlist right as he finds them when he is shopping online. In this way, his friends and coworkers will always know what to get for him when his birthday comes around, or when he is getting wed. They won’t even have to ask him.

And in addition to being usable for birthdays, holidays and weddings, a service like Whimventory will come in handy for deal hunters and product reviewers who want to have priority access to the latest gadgets and devices that are released.

Whimventory is quite a useful service, but it’s not alone. Other websites that do something similar include the recently-reviewed Moodyo, and GiftKnow.

Whimventory.com In Their Own Words

The universal wishlist.

Some Questions About Whimventory.com

Aren’t there too many similar web applications already? What will make people stick to Whimventory? Whimventory.com