WhereDoYouGo.net – Map Your Foursquare Activity

WhereDoYouGo.netPeople are often unaware of how much time they spend of social services. Most would feel either embarrassed or a little uneasy if they were provided with a report showcasing their weekly Facebook usage. Not because using Facebook is something wrong or bad, but simply because they will realize they prioritized it over other personal activities that might as well have been more enriching.

And what about Foursquare, the new darling of the social scene? Will people feel like they have wasted their time if they could have a clear way to visualize their check-ins? Well, it looks like we are about to find that out. The service being reviewed right now can let users generate heatmaps showcasing their activity. All their check-ins will be laid on top of a map, and the person will be able to figure out to which extent he has really spent his time purposefully.

Where Do You Go is a free service. You simply authenticate who you are using your Google credentials, and then you will be able to have your every check-in measured and plotted for you.

WhereDoYouGo.net In Their Own Words

Use this site to create and share a heat map of your Foursquare checkins.

Why WhereDoYouGo.net It Might Be A Killer

It is a really simple way to figure out how meaningfully you are spending your time.

Some Questions About WhereDoYouGo.net

Are there other sites that let you do this? WhereDoYouGo.net