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Whatfolio.comYou can be a photographer, a designer, a painter, a musician, a model… it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, Whatfolio is sure to let you show the world what you can do in a truly resonant way. On this site, just anybody can create a portfolio that everybody else will be able to visit and use as a point of reference from then on.

These portfolios can be created in a really fast way, with you being able to choose the actual URL where they are going to be found. Whatfolio URLs are always patterned along the lines of “www.whatfolio.com/rogerh”, and when creating your very own you are given the chance to pick the category which applies from the more than 20 that are available.

These include “Musician”, “Model”, “Hair Stylist”, “Actor”, “Extra”, “Film Maker”… as I said above, the site is really encompassing, and that’s where its definitive strength lies – it doesn’t leave any creative person out of it. Creative types of every kind are allowed to sign up, and have a detailed portfolio created with speed and efficacy. If you’re one, Whatfolio comes highly recommended.

Whatfolio.com In Their Own Words

Create professional website/portfolios for whatever your passion is.

Some Questions About Whatfolio.com

What kind of media can portfolios like these feature? Whatfolio.com