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Weekis.comThere is an endless amount of to-do lists and week organizers, but that should not make you discount Weekis. The site aims to leave its mark by providing a barebones look and a completely unobtrusive interface that will enable you to manage your time in an effective way.


What Weekis does is to provide a clear week view, making a deliberate effort to avoid the clutter of dates endemic to related applications. Everything is kept very concise. The information that you have to provide include the name of each task, followed by its date for you to be reminded about it when the time comes. In theory, you can create and add as many tasks as you feel like adding, but one of the objectives of the site is to instil something comparable to a “do less” principle, and encourage users to only have a few vital tasks each day.

Using Weekis comes at no cost, and you will incur into no obligations for doing so. If you do give it a try, you will be capable to stop using it whenever you wish. In Their Own Words

“A Minimal, Unobtrusive and Focused Week Planner.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a task manager, it encourages you to focus on what’s truly important only.

Some Questions About

Will the site be able to compete in a market that has a lot of strong players already?


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