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Web2Cal.comWeb2Cal is a tool that can be used by anybody in order to come up with event calendars for keeping track of upcoming activities and available resources. These calendars are build and implement, and they are meant to go with most applications you could think of.


Likewise, these calendars can be deployed in your own site or blog. This means that if you are an artist you can promote what you do very easily. For example, if you are a musician you can embed a calendar in your official site letting people know about any shows that are forthcoming. And the same goes for every other kind of artist – if you are a painter you can let people know about upcoming exhibitions, if you are a writer you can inform people about the launch date of your latest title… the possibilities are endless.

Still, it seems to me that the calendars that you can create through Web2Cal will serve business users best, what with the instant ability to swap between groups and control events via callbacks methods. And the many extensions available just seem to reinforce that – there is one for creating To-do lists, another called “Agenda Print Extension”… all of these can be used if and only if you have bought the paid version of Web2Cal (“Web2Cal Ultimate”). In Their Own Words

“Simple API to build your Google like Calendar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will accommodate the needs both of individual and professional users, and let them have a more realized web presence for good.

Some Questions About

How much is the “Ultimate” version of Web2Cal worth? Is the price tag full merited?


Author : Roger Hollings

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