Web.Pond.pt – Follow & Publish Updates In A Unified Way

Web.Pond.ptTools for sort of filtering the web and accessing only content which appertains to each of us directly are becoming more and more commonplace. There is nothing to say – the Web is anything but a location made up by a couple of static pages.

Information now crops up in real time, and the ways in which we connect with others is absolutely dynamic. The same goes for the way that we publish content and updates ourselves – there are so many sites that are landmarks within the web that a single one does not suffice. We use a couple, and we follow a couple.

Pond is a tool that takes all that into consideration, and which lets the user centralize the way in which updates are published and followed. It does so by providing a single location in which you can keep track of multiple accounts simultaneously, as well as blending your friends’ identities into one so that they become easier to follow.

When it comes to the actual posting of updates, you have all the functionalities that you would expect to see – you can publish photos and videos from anywhere an Internet connection is available including mobile devices.

Also, both Mac and Linux users are accounted for along with those keen on Windows so that this system will be virtually usable by everybody. If you feel like doing it, simply visit the site, create a free account and start updating away.

Web.Pond.pt In Their Own Words

“Follow and publish multiple updates on multiple services from a single place.”

Why Web.Pond.pt It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it saves time and effort by letting people access and publish vital information in a centralized fashion.

Some Questions About Web.Pond.pt

Are there services which are not supported yet, and that should be supported as soon as possible in order for this service to stand out more? Web.Pond.pt