KillerStartups – Creating Wish Lists Made A Smooth Task

WantsThis.comThere is no dearth of tools and apps when it comes to creating wish lists, and it is only natural that a couple more will surface at this time of year. One of the latest to materialize is WantsThis.

Those responsible for it define the application in the following way: “Custom vanity urls meet a slick design and price comparison tools that help you get what you want this year”.

That definition touches upon every point of note, as you would expect from the “official” description: you will have your own customized URL (it goes along the lines of “”), and the ability to add items to your wish list. Moreover, built-in Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger integration means that it is very easy to share your list with friends and family.

When creating the list, you will also be capable of adding link to ecommerce sites so that your acquaintances will be capable of buying what you want quite easily. Moreover, your list can be imported from sites such as Amazon or Newegg. And you can choose to be alerted when a transaction has taken place. In Their Own Words

“A Wish List for Everything You Want.

Save your favorite items from the entire web, share the list with everyone and get all the stuff you want!

Create the perfect wishlist for christmas, hanukkah, birthdays, and a baby or wedding registry.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Creating a wish list is a very easy and also entertaining task through something like this.

Some Questions About

Can lists include images and/or videos?

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