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“If one looks at the web today one can easily observe an increasing complexity to self-tasking on the internet that just wasn’t there a decade ago”. Dan Adika, one of the founders of WalkMe offers this insight when I ask him about the inspiration behind his new company. And when asked if there was a single event or incident that started it all, then his answer doesn’t take long. “If I had to choose a single moment which sparked it all” – he remarks – ” it would have to be the instance where one of our co-founder’s mother just kept calling him over and over again, so he could guide her through her online banking account. With this in mind, WalkMe went about building a ‘smart’ solution that could be applied to any web site or app where the owner could guide their users step by step through any process or task”.



And that’s exactly what he has created with the help of his cofounder, Eyal Cohen. WalkMe lets you build an interactive onscreen walk-thru to guide new users of your site or app, so that they can get even the most complex of tasks right the first time around.


These interactive videos can be implemented without you needing to modify your website in any significant way. It’s all done by adding a series of read tips balloons to each element of your site that you think a newcomer could need help with. And these balloons are displayed in sequence. That is, a balloon will only be displayed in the user has completed the previous step. They’re triggered by specific actions. And you’ll get to define that using the company’s intuitive Walk-Thru Studio. This is delivered via the Internet as a browser plug-in, and it appears as a sidebar letting you place balloons and modify them at will.

Personally, if I had to name WalkMe’s best feature then that would be how easily the whole service can be implemented. No agent, player, or software needs to be installed on your computer for a walk-thru to be generated. The balloons will be automatically overlaid on top of your UI, and they’ll adapt to all the elements on your site so that the experience of users is a smooth one from start to finish.


The WalkMe offices in Tel Aviv. The company has currently got 16 employees:


And WalkMe is also available in several languages, which is something I find highly commendable.


These are the five plans that are available:

And keep in mind that the company offers tailor-made solutions for enterprises, too. These include self hosting, advanced integration and support packages.


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