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Wahdang.comWahdang is a new solution that has the objective of letting you browse the WWW in a different light. As a matter of fact, Wahdang self-announces itself to the world as “The Internet’ first browsing engine”.


This browsing engine (which is currently in Alpha mode) lets the user jump from a site to another, without needing to use the navigation bar we all associate with immediately when the expression “surf the web” crops up. The main page includes a series of categories like “News”, “TeeVee” and “Real Estate”, and by clicking on the corresponding one you can launch this different navigation method.

The whole premise is that of making content more immediately accessible, and simplifying the way in which information can be retrieved online. It is no good having something excellent in a place that is unreachable. It is no good creating the best painting in the world and placing it in a location which is impossible to access for people to enjoy it. The same applies to the Net. If the content is not being found, the whole purpose of it being there is defied. This new browsing engine attempts to equalize the chance of finding the best (or most relevant) content straightaway. You might like it or not, but I think you will agree that the idea is a novel one indeed, and that the site is worth at least a look. In Their Own Words

“Wahdang Is the Internets First Browsing Engine™!

Wahdang allows users to browse through their list of websites via an Alpha-Browser™

Use our Alpha-Browser and there is no need to ever remember another website address again!

The Alpha-Browser sorts websites and industry categories alphabetically. So for example if you are looking for Google, you simply click the letter G in the alpha browser and then click the keyword Google.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool makes for accessing information on the WWW a more dynamic task.

Some Questions About

Is it useful enough to become a standard way of browsing the Web?


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