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VirtualEternity.comThe inspiration behind Virtual Eternity is quite unique, as the site lets you create a virtual avatar that will react and behave like you do. This avatar can answer any question that people cold throw at it exactly as you would.


These avatars are created by uploading the relevant media along with some data such as your family tree. That is necessary for the application to contextualize who you are, where you come from and why your behavioural patterns are what they are

This service obviously comes at a cost, but a free avatar can also be created for testing purposes.

The originality of this site must certainly be praised. Whether people will use it massively (and whether people will ever find a true use for it at all) remains to be seen. Still, it is certainly refreshing to see new ideas floating around. Even if the site does not succeed in a grand and wild way, it is creating a very interesting precedent. In Their Own Words

Forever made possible.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let a part of you become alive on the Web forever.

Some Questions About

From a practical viewpoint, what are the best uses this can be put to?


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