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Coming back home one day to find that you have been burgled is devastating. But having your house burglarized three times the same year? That’s out of a horror story, the kind that would make Stephen King proud. And that’s exactly what happened to Jacob Israel, the founder of A Miami resident, he built this service after having had his house burglarized three times in a row.



What does is to let you catalog all your items, so that if something bad happens you’ll quickly get to know what’s missing. You can use VaultBox both on your iPhone and on your iPad (iTunes link), and catalog your every item by filling out just a couple of fields. These include its serial number, its purchase date and its cost. And you can also scan the item’s barcode, and get the job done a lot faster.

If something bad happens, then you’ll promptly know what’s been taken away. And will help you get a report together in no time at all. This report can then be emailed to your insurance agent. And you can also have it printed, and delivered it in person. Since you can add both pictures and notes to all the items you store using VaultBox, the insurer will be able to do his job a lost easier.


And leaving aside how useful something like can turn out to be when your house has been ransacked, this new service is also one that could turn out to be crucial in the wake of a natural disaster. will let you cope with your material losses and get your life back on track in the least painful of ways.


Pricing is as follows:


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