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URLVoid.comI don’t know which kind of measures you take to ensure that your computer is as protected as it could possible be. I’d like to think you have both a decent antivirus running at all times along with a firewall for added safety, but I can’t know for sure.


What I can do is introduce you to services such as URL Void in a bid to give you some tools to keep your computer out of harm’s way.

Basically, what URL Void does is to take individual URLs and check them for malware. That is, you supply it with the link that you intend to visit and an analysis will be carried out at no cost, and quite quickly.

That’s it, basically. It is a simple service that can help you avoid unnecessary trouble. I think that a service such as this one could use with some bells and whistles like a bookmarklet, or a list of some of the most dangerous sites on the Web. I look forward to these improvements sometime soon. In Their Own Words

“Scan websites for virus.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Forewarned is forearmed – a service like this one can save you time and keep you from encountering enough problems to ruin the best part of your day.

Some Questions About

When is the site being overhauled?


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