UploadingIt.com – Back Your Files Up

UploadingIt.comTo call UploadingIt a file hosting service would be selling it short. This new service is nothing less of a virtual HD to which you can upload as much as 20 GB of your own files. And you can do that absolutely for free, too.

UploadingIt lets you create directories and have everything minutely arranged. And all (or part of) the information that you upload can be password-protected. That will be nothing short of vital for those who intend to put UploadingIt to collaborative uses – if some files are meant to be seen only by people within the same project, adding a password will ensure prying eyes are not accessing them.

The individual files you upload must not be larger than 200 MB. By all accounts, that is quite a generous range. There are many other file hosting platforms that only let you upload files that big provided you are willing to pay for the privilege.

UploadingIt.com In Their Own Words

Free file hosting. File sharing. File upload.

Why UploadingIt.com It Might Be A Killer

A file hosting platform that is as limitless as this one can but be appealing.

Some Questions About UploadingIt.com

Will this service always be provided free of charge? UploadingIt.com