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UPlanMe.comThe weekend is coming around, and you can hardly wait to go out and really enjoy life. You’re not in the mood to start looking for the best events and parties, you just want to get out and stay there until the morning comes. And that’s what this new service is here for. UPlanMe is a notification service for events that can filter out anything you don’t like, and tell you about activities that are tailor-made for you.


UPlanMe can find everything from parties and sports events to sales and even TV shows. All you have to do is to define your interests first, by picking the ones that apply from a really long list. Once you’ve done that, UPlanMe will know what to look for. And all the events it recommends can then be added to an online calendar in just one click, so that you won’t forget about them later.

All these events can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter, of course. And although it’s not mandatory, using your Facebook identity to log in is an excellent idea because UPlanMe will be able to work out your tastes and interests even faster, and with razor-sharp precision. In Their Own Words

UPlanMe finds your favorite events, TV shows, sales & specials and lets you add them to your calendar in just one click.

Some Questions About

How accurate/specific can these recommendations become? Can you request that only events for exact dates be shown?


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