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Unsubscribe.comUnsubscribing from mailing lists manually is so frustrating and time-consuming that most people simply delete the emails when they hit their inboxes, and keep on doing that until the end of time. Thankfully, somebody came up with a solution for that predicament, and that solution can be found at


Unsubscribe is a service that will let you add a button to each and every mail that you get from that point onwards reading “unsubscribe”. This means that the next time you get a mailing list that you’d rather not be getting, then you just bang that button and the mailing list will be zapped from your inbox for evermore.

Both Gmail and Outlook are already supported, and as it is only appropriate Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL are also meant to be supported before it’s too late.

Using this service unlimitedly comes at yearly cost ($ 20); the free plan is limited to five unsubscribes per month. These should be enough for testing the service, and seeing how useful it can really turn out to be. In Their Own Words

“Unsubscribe from ANY mailing list!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Unsubscribing from mailing lists manually is a chore – it takes time, and the process can be unclear in some cases. That is something this service puts an end to.

Some Questions About

From a technical point of view, how is this exactly pulled off?


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