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UniversityTwig.comA site that makes the difficult decision of which University to attend easier, can be used both by people living in America and by foreigners planning on moving to the country. On this site, you can have both US and UK universities compared just by making it clear how much you can spend. This service is provided free of charge, and the results it can provide are always up-to-date.


In order to have universities compared, you must supply your name, your date of birth and your email. And then, you have to provide your education background. You’ll be able to set down your budget, by answering the vital question of “How much are you planning to pay?”.

Taking all that information into account, is going to point you to these universities that could be a perfect match. From there, it’ll be a simple question of doing some more research on your own (a site like The University Review might be of help) before finally applying to the one that seems more suitable.

And it’s important to mention that can also compare universities providing online courses. So, the appeal of the site is really worldwide. In Their Own Words

University comparison site.

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What about having an interactive map of the US on the homepage? Wouldn’t that make for even easier comparisons?


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