UnitConnect.com – For The Management Of Property

UnitConnect.comUnnitConnect is self-defined as an online platform for the management of both commercial and residential property. It collects a set of tools that make for the tracking of expenses and due dates, as well as for budgeting and reporting.

Operations are handled by way of a dashboard that centralizes everything. The owner of the property (IE, you) can see a summary of all his daily activities, and be reminded about all the task that are to be done (including the collection of payments).

You will be able to see the data for every property that you have entered through a simple search interface, and all the documents that you have filed for every unit are available at a click.

A free plan will let you get into the swing of things, and if you like what you see then you will be able to upgrade to any of the five featured paid plans. Each one comes with a bigger number of supported units – the most expensive one (“Pro”) will let you monitor as much as 200.

UnitConnect.com In Their Own Words

“Real property Management real simple.”

Why UnitConnect.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let property managers do their jobs in a stress-free way, and taking half the time it previously took them.

Some Questions About UnitConnect.com

How many units does the free plan support? UnitConnect.com