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UncoverData.comUncoverData is a new Internet tool that makes for the instant creation and administration of surveys. Users of UncoverData can have rich surveys built and deployed in a matter of minutes, and then analyze all the data that has been collected by way of timely reports.


And once they have been created, surveys can be shared on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also be sent by email. Whatever lets you reach out to your intended audience faster.

A system like this one has the distinctive advantage of being usable by people who have never created a survey before, and who have no technical skills at all. Here, everything is handled using a web interface that lets users set down the answers and the relevant questions, and have everything concatenated for them.

UncoverData costs $ 19.95 per month. And a free trial is available. You will be able to try UncoverData for 14 days to the full. Once that period ends, you will be given the chance to upgrade to a paid account. In Their Own Words

Start conducting online surveys with UncoverData! We offer self-managed survey hosting accounts. Create online surveys within a few minutes, send them to respondents and analyse real-time reports. No software to download, no developers to hire.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for creating and deploying surveys in as easy a way as it could be.

Some Questions About

How many questions can a survey have? Can different types of questions be mixed?


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