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uKnowKids.comIt’s quite disheartening to look at the statistics for cyber bullying and to see all the graphs detailing how often children are in situations where they might have online contact with sexual predators. That’s the true downside of sites like Facebook, and these parents who forbid their children from ever getting near a social site have got a point. But that also equals breeding contempt in their little ones, who will (rightfully) feel they are prevented from joining all their friends where the big fun is happening. So, the best course of action if you’re a parent is to relent and let your children open all these social accounts they’re so keen on. And then, keep a good watch on what they are doing using a tool like uKnowKids.


uKnowKids works on the browser, and it can be used to protect children from predators and bullies on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Your children won’t even notice the application is running, and you will always know about what your child is posting on Facebook, who he is talking to, and how many new friends he has made recently. Plus, this service can be used to monitor the mobile activity of children.

When uKnowKids is running, the parent is receiving both alarms and reports at the frequency he sees fit, and a live feed will let him monitor interactions in real time. Plus, a family map will let parents locate their children at all times.

Both annual and monthly subscriptions are available, either for one or for multiple children. In all cases, a one-off activation fee must be paid on top of the actual subscription. In Their Own Words

uKnowKids helps you protect your kids from predators, bullies and sexting and helps you protect their privacy and reputation on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and on select mobile phones.

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