TxtNinja.com – Turning Texts Into Images And More

TxtNinja.comAs you probably know, posting your e-mail on forums and public locations on the web is not the best idea. It makes your address easy prey to spam bots, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are many ways of getting around that, and TxtNinja is one of these. In general terms, it will let you create an image you can use on the spot. That image can be posted the usual way, and it will be identifiable by humans and completely invisible to spam bots.

Likewise, a service such as this one makes for sending sensitive information over any messaging client you can think of like MSN. When sending it as plain text you run the risk of prying eyes having a look at it. Even when sending it as an image does not completely eliminate the problem, it goes somewhere into remedying that. Besides, MSN does not store images – it only stores text, and that is certainly something to bear in mind if security concerns top your list of priorities.

And (of course) you can always count on a system like TxtNinja in the event you need to come up with some texts to grab the eye of your intended audience. Whatever use you have for it in mind, just remember that the service is wholly inexpensive, and that you don’t have to sign up either.

TxtNinja.com In Their Own Words

“TxtNinja is the perfect tool for anyone. And by anyone, we very damn well mean anyone. There is no hard and fast rule as to how you should use TxtNinja; you’re free to use it in any and every way you can think of.

In fact, the list of possibilities for TxtNinja is so endless, you are encouraged to contribute to the index. If you’ve got a new funky way to use TxtNinja, send us an email at with images (strongly encouraged!) and a good description! If we showcase your idea, we’d place a link to your website and send you some coffee money :)

There are absolutely no restrictions on the usage of TxtNinja images. Your generated images are stored forever on our servers as long as their accessed at least once every 365 days.”

Why TxtNinja.com It Might Be A Killer

Besides the uses listed above, it will be a big hit on forum boards where scripts (like Javascripts) are not allowed and images are the simplest ways to hide information and/or bypass filters.

Some Questions About TxtNinja.com

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