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Twxlate.comWe all have come across the odd tweet here and there that is in a language that lies well beyond our understanding. In some cases, we are even unable to figure out which language we have come in contact with. That is one of the inherent drawbacks of something that becomes a global phenomenon, such as Twitter has become.


And until Twitter offers an official solution for having tweets translated, we will have to rely on services such as Twxlate to get the job done instead.

Twxlate is here to let us have tweets translated from more than 40 languages into English. These include everything from Spanish, German and French to Japanese, Chinese and Greek (IE, languages written in alphabets other than the Roman one).

Obviously, when using Twxlate you are enabled to supply the ID of any user whose tweets you want to have translated, and proceed to have his entire Twitter statuses and public conversations rendered into English. In Their Own Words

Twitter translated to English.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you finally understand what these enigmatic, foreign-language tweets that you find lying around actually say. And you know, we are talking about people who will probably have an entirely different perspective to the one you might have – it is a matter of different cultures.

Some Questions About

Will Twitter ever offer such a service officially?


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