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TwoHub.comWhat good is having the fullest collection of bookmarks known to man if you can only access it when you are home, sitting in front of your desktop computer? That is like taking a car trip somewhere and leaving the mega-detailed map you had purchased for the occasion at home. You might as well never have bought it. And when it comes to bookmarks, the same logic applies. You might as well never have bookmarked the sites in question. And if you have ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to look up a site that you had once bookmarked and that you now need, but whose exact URL you fail to remember then this is a site whose usefulness you are surely grasping.


TwoHub can be termed a bookmark unifier. It is a web application that will let you consolidate all the bookmarks you have, and access them from anywhere you can access the Internet. You will be able to access them from as many different computers as you use, and also from different browsers. It is all done just by registering for an account, or by logging in via Facebook. It is all the same – TwoHub is a free application. Once you have authenticated who you are, it can aggregate all your bookmarks for you, and let you access them just wherever you are, and whichever device you have near. In Their Own Words

Finally synchronize My Bookmarks.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast and free way to have all your bookmarks brought under the same roof.

Some Questions About

What advantages has this got over other applications that do mostly the same?


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