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Twitscoop.comThe folks responsible for Twitscoop advertise it as the “Twitter’s interface for the rest of us”. This new system has all the obvious features backed by a couple of functionalities that its programmers hope will give it added oomph and push.


For example, it lets you send and receive tweets while carrying out searches without the need to reload the page that you are on. Moreover, using it you can watch the hottest trends displayed as a cloud for you to click about. Personally, I find that a very worthwhile development – you realize which trends are the most recurrent ones immediately, as the visual disposition of the cloud lets you separate trending topics from issues that amount to nothing.

Further functionalities include the ability to see TwitPic images on the spot, whereas those interested in the stock market can keep a close eye on it since a “Follow Stock” option is prominently featured.

Using this system comes at no cost, and you simply login using your existing Twitter credentials. If Twitter is what monopolizes your waking hours, you will probably want to try this out. If not, maybe you will be better off with other current client like Seesmic. I’ll let you decide for yourself. In Their Own Words

“Twitter’s interface for the rest of us.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

New converts are always looking for ways to experience Twitter. This site will let them do that right away.

Some Questions About

What will make people keep coming back to it?


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