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TwitQA.comAsking questions and getting immediate answers. That is the aim of this new website. And it intends to make such an aim come true be by building everything on top of one of the largest communication platforms of the day, namely Twitter.

On TwitQA, you are allowed to ask a question in 140 characters and have it labelled. More than 15 different categories are currently available, and these include everything from education, travel and sports to shopping, legal and consumer electronics. Questions go live the minute they are posted, and the ones that attract the most attention remain particularly visible. Plus, the site lets users visualize the ones that have been answered more recently, which is good – that goes into guaranteeing that nobody is asking the same question twice without knowing.

Of course, it remains to be seen if people will feel strong enough to go for a platform like this one. I mean, there is not a whole lot of a difference between posting a question on this site and asking something on your Twitter profile. It is advantageous, but not game-changing in any sense. We will see what happens… In Their Own Words

Ask or answer on Twitter.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is not bad, and enough categories are already featured to keep mostly everybody happy.

Some Questions About

Can this make so much of a difference as to have people actively using it?