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Twitoaster.comThere is so much happening Twitter-wise that conversational engines and tools for threading do never go amiss. That is exactly the role which this new online resource plays out.

Twitoaster enables the use to thread and archive every Twitter conversation and putting everything into context. In this way, you can backtrace your steps and recall what you have said to others.

Moreover, the site will enable you to check out statistics and analytics as regards the tweets that you have put out, and there is even a kind of global ranking for measuring who are the most remarkable twitterers doing the rounds. When it comes to the provided analytics, these can be easily embedded on your blog and site. That means that if you are more popular than Susan Boyle (unlikely) you will be able to brag about it without even having to lift a finger.

On the whole, this is a free service that does what it sets out to do quite satisfactorily. It is not alone, of course – heavy competition comes from every angle, and it will keep on coming steadily for sure. As far as Twitoaster goes, the best thing about it is the full set of analytics, and the way these can be embedded. Let’s see if other novel features are added in the future. In Their Own Words

“Twitoaster threads and archives your twitter conversations, bringing you all the background, context and statistics you need. It’s all about improving & optimizing the way you communicate with your followers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones that have to look after a sizable Twitter posse will find it flexible for certain.

Some Questions About

Is this service wholly free? Are there premium features on offer?