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TwitJump.comTwitter and Facebook have radically modified the concept of brand awareness. If anything, they have put customers and companies in a more leveled position, and one in which instant communication is the defining aspect.


If you are a brand, a step out of line can be picked in no time at all socially and echoed through every corner of the Web. That is why a site like TwitJump is appealing. It is a sort of Twitter toolbox that will let you not only find customers and befriend them on social circles, but also ensure that these customers are truly relevant ones. That is, using the provided search filters you can start connecting with people who are near you geographically. There is no denying that (in the vast majority of cases) such a customer is more appealing to you as a brand than one located at the end of the world, if only because they already share a lot with you. They are more likely to offer unconditional support or something quite close to it. Both customers are important in the long run, but you don’t go from A to D, you go from A to B.

Furthermore, you can schedule tweets and status updates easily, and also keep track of what is being said about your brand by setting up notifications whenever your company (or even you) were the recipient of a mention. In Their Own Words

“The ultimate Twitter toolbox.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Ensuring that your brand is represented on the social web (and that you are reaching the right crowd at that) is made very supple through such a service.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t support for other social services besides Facebook and Twitter be offered?


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