– Share Your Desktop Via Twitter

TwitDesktop.comThis is a new service that can be used for sharing a screenshot of your desktop on Twitter. Others will be able to see it, rate it and leave their own comments complimenting your great taste… or exactly the opposite.

What is even more interesting is that those who like the image that you use to embellish your screen will be able to get it themselves. That is made possible because users of TwitDesktop are enabled to share their wallpapers and every icon that they happen to use. Thus, letting others replicate your exact configuration is as easy as it gets. And the main page features the most popular screenshots that have been shared through the site. If you are looking for some random inspiration, the site offers that by the bucketload.

TwitDesktop is a completely web-based application.There is nothing to download and install. And there is no need to create an account either. If you have a Twitter account then you already have a TwitDesktop account. In Their Own Words

TwitDesktop lets you share your desktop screenshot on twitter ,and you can review, vote and share other screenshots , also you can share the wallpaper , icons and the theme of the screenshot to let people install your desktop style in their desktops too.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have a good understanding of the way people all over the world approach their desktops, and see if you can learn something that you could apply to yours in order to become more productive.

Some Questions About

What keep people coming back to the site? Which other community features could be added?