– Call People On Twitter For Free

Twit2Tel.comIn a nutshell, this new service will empower you to call any Twitter user that you want to talk to without actually needing to have the person’s number to begin with. That is possible because the application will give each Twitterer a voicemail of its own, and that voicemail will link directly to his or her account on the ever-popular micro-messaging platform.

A voicemail can be obtained at no cost, and all it takes is to sign up for one on the site. The process is certainly supple, and once everything is set users can proceed to listen to the voicemail on their computers and also save them on their desktops in case the received message is a significant one.

The basic edition (IE, the free one) of this service comes with 15 second ads at the beginning. These can be removed by signing up for a paid account. In any case, free calls are offered for more than 200 countries the world over. If you want to give it a try, chances are your country will already be taken into account. In Their Own Words

“Call anyone on Twitter for free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Seeing how massive Twitter is, the idea of connecting its users in new ways is inherently attractive.

Some Questions About

How often are new countries being added to the list of supported ones?