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Twilk.comThere are so many repositories of backgrounds for Twitter that you would think coming up with something a bit different would be difficult, but the truth is that you would be wrong. A mere visit to this site proves it.


Broadly speaking, this service will create a background using the profile pictures of your followers. The more contact you have with people and the more times that you mention their names, then the more noticeable that they will be in the background

Actually, you can choose to have either those who you follow or the ones who follow you featured – it all depends on what you want to transmit. Further aspects that you can change include having only two columns instead of the mosaic that you get by default, and also having images displayed on black and white for a good old retro touch.

This service is free to begin with, but a paid version is also featured. The big difference telling one version from the other is that in the paid version the background is updated automatically. If you use the free edition and you want the background to change and reflect your new contacts then you will have to do it manually. In Their Own Words

“Twilk takes your Twitter followers’ profile photos and puts them on your Twitter background.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who want their backgrounds to represent not just who they are but actually who they know couldn’t ask for something better.

Some Questions About

Is the paid service worth it?


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