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Twijector.comPresentations and conferences are no good if social media isn’t integrated into them. Today, people who attend such events look for more than just a fellow who stands there like a statue, and who talks and talks for the best part of two hours. No, people want something slightly more entertaining. And that’s exactly what Twijector can provide audiences with. Twijector can create a real-time Twitter wall to be used at conferences, seminars, classrooms, conferences… anywhere there’s a crowd that has to be engaged, really.


Users can activate this service for free, just by individualizing these keywords that their speeches revolve around, or (when employed somewhere such as a cafe) about topics people would be interested in, like a significant sports victory or anything that would dominate people’s conversations on any given day.

Yet, it’s clear the main strength of the service lies in how it can make conferences come to life. By tweeting the relevant hashtags, attendees can give their thoughts on what is being discussed, and open a direct communication channel with speakers. What better way to keep people interested in what’s being presented? And remember, Twijector is an entirely free service. In Their Own Words

Twijector – real-time twitter wall for conferences, events, cafe and classrooms.

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Doesn’t HootSuite let users do something very similar already?


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