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TweetReach.comI am unsure how many people are actually aware of the repercussions that something like a blog post or a tweet can have. Not many sit to think about how far these can travel.


And there is a good reason for that: deep inside, we know that a tweet will be read on the other side of the world. We know it, but (unless we have traveled a lot ourselves) we can’t actually grasp the vividness of the experience and its every ramification. So, we know that anything that has to do with social media has a worldwide appeal, even when we are unable to delve into the true representations of the whole process.

This site aims to lets us visualize it all just that little bit better. We can define it as a tool for measuring the reach of any tweet. It does so by analyzing how any specific keyword has spread on Twitter. You can enter a phrase, a hasthag, a URL or a screen name. Multiple data points from Twitter will then be analyzed, and a report will be produced for you to go through and assimilate.

A service like this one is obviously going to be maximized by marketers that want to measure the efficacy of their campaigns. The service comes in five different configurations, actually, and these go from one named “Mini” (limited to 5 reports and one user) to one entitled “Max” (supporting up to 100 reports and as many users as you want). In Their Own Words

“TweetReach gives you detailed reach analysis for any search term on how tweets about that term have spread on Twitter — all in one simple report. See how many different users received tweets about your topic. Know your impact. Discover your advocates.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Marketers couldn’t ask for a better tool – it will show them exactly how effective their efforts are being.

Some Questions About

To which extent can you try this for free?


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