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TweetPort.netThere is no definitive way to lower the noise in Twitter, for the very simple reason that such a thing is an integral part of the service. By its mere nature, Twitter has to see messages from people celebrating their newest haircuts, or informing everybody and his wife what they have cooked for dinner. These things which are hardly important to the vast majority of users are part of the whole shebang. And even when there is no way to have them vanished altogether, there are applications that make for displacing them until they no longer interfere with one’s tweeting experience. This new web service is one of these.


Essentially, what TweetPort can do is to go through your Twitter feed day after day, and then compile a daily digest where everything is sorted by importance. This digest will be sent to you for as long as you are a user of the service, and it will let you get to the truly important interactions taking place on Twitter on the spot.

This service costs $ 3 per month, which is a true bargain when one thinks of the amount of time it can let him save. In Their Own Words

Get the best of your Twitter network daily to your inbox.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a greatly-practical way to get only to these tweets that matter, and leave the rest well alone.

Some Questions About

Which technology is used by TweetPort to get to that information?


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