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Tweetply.comThe growth of Twitter might have stopped after all the excitement of the preceding months, but the gigantic userbase is still out there, and more active than ever. Many who desert the service upon first tries complain that there is so much noise in there that finding a worthwhile conversation is anything but easy.


Actually, it is extremely frustrating at times. Resources that aggregate the best and leave the rest outside (like Tweetply) have more than legitimate reason for existing, then.

In the particular case of Tweetply, what it does is to gather together the most interesting conversations and replies within the Twitterverse and present them back to those who visit the site.

You can visualize such data in several ways, including the most popular tweets in the last hour, in the last six hours, in the last 24 hours, and in the last 7 days. Besides, you can see the most popular people at a glance and put faces to trends on the spot. So it can be said that as far as letting you know what is hot and what is not regarding conversations on Twitter, this site can be deemed as a valid resource. In Their Own Words

“Popular tweets & replies, Tweet conversations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you wonder what makes Twitter tick, this can show you on the spot.

Some Questions About

What makes a conversation merit a “popular” tag, exactly?


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